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Project Description
Epnuke OAuth Library is a generic OAuth library. Can be used to create OAuth clients and OAuth providers.

Main features

Using classes provider with Epnuke OAuth Library you will be able to build clients and providers with:

- Support for 3-legged OAuth and PIN-based OAuth
- Easy integration of custom OAuth extensions and flows
- Easy integration with ASP.NET MVC

Epnuke OAuth Library comes with a full set of examples, including:
  • OAuth provider using ASP.NET MVC, with support for 3-legged and PIN based OAuth modes
  • ASP.NET MVC web "with the sign in with..." showing how 3-legged OAuth mode works,
  • Console OAuth program showing how PIN based OAuth mode works
  • Very basic (and useless :p) twitter client showing how to build a client against a real OAuth provider

WIP (What keeps us busy)
  1. Adding oAuth provider sample
  2. Support for ASP.NET WebAPI
  3. Documentation

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